Once an appointment date and time are established, our office will require your dental/medical history and consent forms. Our office is paperless so all necessary forms are emailed to you before your first visit. It is advisable to bring a list of all the medications (over-the-counter and prescription) that you regularly take or have taken within the past month.

Once all forms are complete and you are ready for your consultation, an assistant will seat you in one of our operatories where she will review and chart your chief complaint, referring dentist’s information and history of the tooth pain before taking radiographs of your teeth.

Once your first set of radiographs (periapical and bitewing films) are complete, Dr. Howard and Dr. Camba will review your paperwork and evaluate your symptoms prior to testing the tooth in question along with adjacent teeth. After the tests are complete, a diagnosis will be given and Dr. Howard and Dr. Camba will discuss your treatment options.

Our biggest priority is that you, the patient, dictate what form of care you are to receive and that all risks, benefits, and alternative options are thoroughly explained before a treatment decision is rendered. There are often multiple routes we can take to relieve your pain – what treatment option is right for you can vary depending on a myriad of factors.

We also don’t push endodontic treatment just because you’re coming to our office for a consultation. We strive for the highest in ethics and will not push endodontic treatment if you don’t, in fact, need such treatment.

If you decide to receive treatment, the procedure may start immediately. Our office will often schedule either a consultation appointment or a consultation and treatment appointment. If time permits, we can occasionally turn a consultation appointment into treatment if needed.
Per our office policy, we collect your exam and x-ray fees at the time of your consultation.