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Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
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 by Rena Land

As a dental hygienist, I have confidence when our patients see Dr. Howard. I feel they will be given a thorough evaluation, given an honest recommendation for their teeth, and treated well above the standard of care with modern technology that makes root canal treatments as quick and easy as possible. Dr. Howard is an amazing endodontist and takes great care of his patients. He recently did a root canal on my husband and he said that was the easiest and fastest root canal he has ever had! Our community is fortunate to have he and his team available when root canals are required. Thanks again, Dr. Howard! You’re the best!

 by Alexander Furer

I had very positive experience. The whole team is extremely professional and fun!

 by Darcel Scherer

Wow! That’s all I can say. Pinnacle Endodontics is the best! The team are friendly yet professional. The care is done in a timely manner yet precise. They explained every step along the way to help calm my nerves but the best part was Dr Camba made a root canal painless and easy!

 by Hugh Walton

Dr. Howard and his assistant, Erin are terrific. I had to have a root canal done and after several years of not going to a dentist, I was very apprehensive. No need. Erin and Dr. Howard took very good care of me and were very patient. They did a great job. Will go back for any future work.

 by Barbara Von Aulock

I work in a dentists office and am all too familiar dealing with patients who are experiencing pain. Recently I too had an emergency dental issue that of course intensified over the weekend. Dr. Howard and his team responded quickly and compassionately and gave me the care I needed . They sensed my urgency for treatment and made what could be a scary procedure, manageable. I strongly recommend Pinnacle Endo .

 by Sonia Oh

Cannot recommend this place enough! Due to an immense amount of grinding and clenching over the years, I've cracked my molars several times. Familiar with the feeling, I contacted a new dentist after having relocated to a new state, thinking my molar was about to crack again. They referred me to Pinnacle Endodontics, thinking it was either TMJ-related or that I'd possibly need a root canal. I was already pretty anxiety-ridden by the time I'd reached the office, but Garrett was incredibly empathetic and kind and was able to completely kill the anxiety I was feeling.

Once Dr. Howard checked out what was going on, he told me he thought both teeth would need root canals. I was only feeling pain in one tooth, but when he applied something cold to both teeth, I was in agonizing pain, so I went with his expert opinion, which ended up being the right call, as the culprit was indeed both molars.

On to the actual experience, it was honestly the best time I could imagine while sitting in a chair, getting a root canal. Both of them were incredibly funny, and it really made the minutes fly by. I was also impressed by just how many Office Space quotes they had memorized and could recite back to back. 🙂 The whole experience was honestly very pleasant, and I'm glad I was referred to this place.

Anyone who's feeling uneasy, don't worry -- you are in excellent hands.

 by Leandrea Voskanian

My 13-y-o daughter was involved in an accident that pushed three of her front teeth backwards. The accident was traumatic for her but seeing Dr. Howard was anything but! Dr. Howard put her at ease immediately. He is thorough, funny, and efficient. We scheduled my daughter's first root canal for a few weeks after her consultation. When she went in for the procedure, Dr. Howard found that the adjacent tooth had also died so instead of one root canal he performed two. He assured my daughter that it would be she timed him. It took him less than 16 minutes to perform those two root canals. Last week at her routine 6 month dental appointment her dentist recommended that she see Dr. Howard again for the third tooth that was being watched. Sure enough, that one was dying too. Somehow we scored a same day appointment and Dr. Howard performed her third root canal (in under 9 minutes). My husband thinks he will need a root canal soon....and I have already told him he needs to see Dr. Howard.

 by mike morris

Everybody here was great from getting me in within an hour of going to my dentist for a route canal to the route canal itself. The front desk people were super friendly and explained every procedure and charge ahead of time. The assistant Garret was very friendly and made me feel at ease. I am very nervous at the dentist. The doctor was very open explaining the problem i had and how he was going to fix it. The procedure was quick and painless, and i do not say that lightly at the dentist. Would recommend to everyone. I am actually very calm knowing that if I need more dental work that they will be there to help.

 by Joy O'Halloran

I was upset to learn I needed a root canal and was terrified. My hands were actually shaking as I walked in to Pinnacle. However, as soon as Robin the assistant brought me back, she immediately started putting me at ease. She explained everything, and had a calm and sweet presence. I immediately liked her and felt better. Then Dr. Howard entered and all my worries completely disappear. He is so likeable, down to earth, and friendly I almost forgot I was having a root canal.
He began the procedure explaining everything up front. I felt no pain and no discomfort.
The banter between Robin and Dr. Howard had me actually laughing mid root canal. I actually enjoyed being there!
I cannot recommend Dr. Howard enough.
Also, I liked how the front office made me aware of my portion of the costs up front, even before the procedure.
I will never go anywhere else but Pinnacle if I need endodontist work again.
Thank you Dr. Howard and Robin!

 by Rachel McGraw

I highly recommend Dr. Howard at Pinnacle Endodontics. My dentist referred me to Dr. Howard and I am so glad he did. I had been in quite a bit of pain for a few weeks and was also nervous about having a root canal done on my tooth. I was greeted by friendly faces at the front desk and then the assistant, Garrett, asked me questions about what I had been experiencing and reassured me that if I ever felt pain or needed anything they would address it right away. Dr. Howard thoroughly explained what was going to happen during the visit and how they were going to take care of the issue that I was having with my tooth. I truly had no pain during the procedure and it was over pretty quick. It was definitely a more pleasant experience than I could have imagined in this situation and I am so very thankful that I found Dr. Howard and Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia!

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