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Great experience with Dr Chapman

Today was my first time visiting Dr Howard and the hole team made the experience great. On time, friendly and helpful. Really put my nerves at ease.

Dr Howard was a consummate professional and has an almost Alex Ferguson level of ability in his profession. He definitely brought out the George Best in those around him.

I would usually rate going to the dentist about as enjoyable as watching Liverpool but this was a great visit.

TP # 18 Root Canal

Dr. Howard did a phenomenal job this morning on my root canal. He made it very easy with the novicane and he is hilarious. He did a great job and so did Robin as his hygenist. I would reccomend anyone to their practice. Thank you!!

by Eunice Nichols on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Great job!

I recently had a root canal done. I had always heard horror stories of root canals and was very nervous about the procedure. When I met with Dr. Howard and his staff prior to my root canal appointment, he put me at ease and I was completely confident in him as well as his staff. The root canal turned out to be a painless easy procedure and painless post procedure as well. I highly recommend Dr. Howard and will return for any other needs in the future! Great experience all around.

I was referred to Dr. Howard by my dentist to examine my front tooth
that was getting more painful as each day passed.
From the moment I walked in the door I felt at ease.
The staff was so professional and made me very comfortable.
I had to end up having a root canal and it was quick and
painless. Dr. Howard was wonderful and I highly recommend
his practice.

Enjoyed my root canal =)

I need to start by saying I've had about 8 root canals in my life. Today, I had my "first" from Dr. Howard and I have to tell you I had fun! He was very professional and was quick to answer any questions I had but when he was doing the procedure, he was joking and kidding with his staff and myself. It made my experience quick and enjoyable. I canNOT believe I'm saying it was enjoyable, but it was! Thank you to Pinnacle Endontics! Highly recommend!

by Neelesh Rangnekar on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Setting the bar high for the rest

I was referred to Dr. Howard by a family friend who is a dentist as I wanted to get a second opinion. I was having ongoing issues because of an infection that had developed over the last 2 years post a root canal and was told by my endodontist that the only thing that would resolve the issue was root canal of the adjacent tooth and a major surgery on the infected tooth. They clearly had missed diagnosed the issue. Talk about neglect and blatantly pushing something that would put even more money in their pocket.
Come in Pinnacle Endodontics.
I see multiple +ve comments around the staff and I can attest that Dr. Howard's staff is one of the most professional dental staff I have ever experienced.
From showing flexibility to getting me scheduled earlier to smooth check-in and checkout when I did have an appointment they left a lasting impression on me as I was dealing with my tooth issues.
During my first visit Dr. Howard spent probably 30-40 mins trying to understand the root cause. At all times, he provided me information on what he was looking for and why. After a thorough checkup he recommended we take a conservative approach and clearly laid out why (what a concept).
Every time I had a procedure (medicating the infected tooth) done, Dr. Howard called to see how I was doing in the evening and if I had any questions. Whenever I had concern or was second guessing myself about the approach, Dr. Howard took the time to explain why I should stay the course.

Fast forward to 3+ months with the approach Dr. Howard recommended, I saved both my teeth and a SIGNIFICANT amount of money.

I would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Howard to anybody and have already told my family and our friends that they need to see Dr. Howard for any endodontic needs. Dr. Howard thank you for your patient first approach and wish you continued success as you serve the community with not only your OUTSTANDING clinical skills but setting the bar for what an ethical endodontist practice should look like.

Thank you so much Dr. Howard and staff for making my visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. From the moment I walked in the office, to when I left, I felt comfortable and frankly entertained. Not an easy task when a patient walks into the office knowing they are about to have two root canals and you have them leaving with a smile on their face. Your entire staff is so personable and caring. Dr.Howard took the time to explain every step so that I could understand exactly what he was doing. He was able to maintain a level of professionalism while at the same time bringing a level of personalization I have never experienced with another Dr. I would definitely recommend your office to anyone . Thank you


Naturally, people do not like coming nor thinking about going to a dentist much less a Endodontic Doctor. I am telling you my visit was (if you can believe it) AMAZING. The staff was incredible, start to finish. Dr Howard is so entertaining with the banter between he and his assistant, it was like "dinner and a show" thats all I can compare my experience too.. Thank you again, I am feeling like me again.

Easy Breezy Root Canal!

I was referred to Dr. Cameron by my dentist to have a dreaded root canal. My first! I was petrified to say the least but the staff, and especially Dr. Cameron, made me feel at ease and comfortable! It was the BEST exoerience I could've had with my first root canal! And it only took 30 minutes. SO QUICK! I would definitely return to have additional procedures done and would definitely recommend him to people I know.

Best Endodontics experience in my life

I was referred to Dr. Howard by my wife (general dentist) Dr. Megan Henry Smith fromnorth Ga smiles. I begged her to do my 2 molar root canals and she refused, promising me I would have a MUCH better experience going to her "go to Endo guy" Dr. Howard. So reluctantly I went and I can say with complete honesty that my wife knew what she was talking about! I've heard people say "root canals are so painful, if I need one then just pull it!!!" Please listen to me when I say, I had absolutely no pain, still have a tooth, and the best experience getting a root canal! Who can say that!?!?! No one!! Unless you have been to this office!! They made me feel at ease! Dr. Howard's assistant, Louanne was beyond amazing, they made me feel like I was there just conversating with friends and before I knew it the root canal was done. Dr. Howard is the most professional, gentle, entertaining, and a perfection to say the least when it comes to root canals. Now I know why my wife only refers to him! I can't thank him enough for making my experience a pleasant one! Thank you Dr. Howard and staff!

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"I have just returned from an appointment with Dr. Howard and my faith in the dental profession as a whole has been restored. I had to get a root canal done, and to my shock, it was a painless, relatively fast, and surprisingly pleasant experience"

- Annelyss M.

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