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Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Average rating:  
 170 reviews
by Sarah Locke on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Great Experience

My daughter was in need of a root canal and Pinnacle Endo w Dr. Howard was amazing! They made her feel comfortable and well cared for. I highly recommend them for any Endodontics needs.

by Hampton Smith on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Awesome Experience

I was referred to Pinnacle Endodontics by my dentist for an evaluation for a root canal. I was nervous because all I have ever heard is how horrible and painful it is to have a root canal. Dr. Howard and his assistant, Robin, confirmed that I needed to have a root canal. Dr. Howard told me step by step what he was doing. Thirty minutes later, he was done and I was leaving his office. It was an awesome, pain free experience! Dr. Howard and his entire office are so personable, professional and kind. If you ever find yourself in need of a root canal, Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia is the only place to go.

by Melanie Shoptaw on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia

I am one of those people described as having dental anxiety, but had a broken tooth and ended up having to have a root canal. I was very nervous. Front desk staff were friendly and informative and very helpful. Dr. Howard and his assistant Garrett put me immediately at ease. The procedure was mostly painless, and when I felt something they immediately responded to my signal. They were focused on my comfort and on easing my anxiety. As odd as it sounds, the root canal was really as enjoyable an experience as root canals can be. The banter between Dr. Howard and Garrett had me laughing during the procedure. If you can find an endodontist who makes you laugh during a root canal, you should never go anywhere else for an endodontic procedure. I cannot recommend Pinnacle Endodontics highly enough.

by Richard C White Jr on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Great appointment

I came to Dr Howard to get a root canal on a cracked tooth. He said there wasn’t any crack and I didn’t need a root canal! Best news ever. I really appreciate the honesty and compassion I received from Dr Howard. Wish he was a dentist because I would come to him for sure. Thank you!

by Janice on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia

Dr. John Camba and his staff performed my first Root Canal. I was nervous and asked many questions. Dr. Camba and his assistant Erin were were so professional and caring ! Hi appreciate the time they each took with me. Hi f I have the n the d for a second Root Canal; Dr. Camba will b my first call !!

by Tanna Lesch on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Painless Experience!

Dr. Howard and his staff are AMAZING! I'm not from the state of Georgia originally, so trusting someone in a new state to fix my infected root canal was a bit scary for me. I had let the assistant know that I was a little nervous about the procedure/being back in a dentist chair, and he reassured me that I was in good hands. And he was definitely correct.

During the quick 20min root canal process, the doctor and assistant were talking with one another in such a light-spirited way. I've never heard so much laughter within a practice.

So thank you pinnacle for the great experience! I will definitely recommend Dr. Howard and his team to anyone I know.

by Rodney Grier on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Totally Awesome!!!

I was in pain and needed a dentist immediately!!
I needed a root canal and located Pinnacle.
They provided me with exceptional customer service and Erin and Dr. Howard were totally AWESOME
My pain was gone and root canal completed in 20 min. Wow!!
Kudos to this entire office for a job well done!!!

by Al Winans on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Dr Howard

Dr. Howard performed a root canal on me and I never experienced any discomfort aside from not being able to join the very entertaining conversation during the proceedure. I was referred to Dr Howard by Dr. Chuck Hill (Alpheretta Smile Center). I highly recommend each of these doctors.

by Zarinah A. Rahman on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
I am so grateful.

On yesterday, I went to Dr. Howard for a root canal. My last root canal was in 1998! I was frightened to death because I had carried vivid & painful memories of my prior procedures. Dr Howard, with his vivacious, loquacious and comedic self, assured me that I in fact had no worries. He said with a 'stand-up routine' that went something like 'I can do this with my eyes closed,' that it would be about 30 minutes & without pain. I thought, yeah right. It turned out, that he was right! All thumbs up to convivial Cameron, his assistant, wonderful Wanda & terrific Tawanna!

by Sarah Steinbeck on Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia
Wonderful experience!

I highly recommend Dr. Howard and his team. They did an excellent job from the initial exam to the procedure making it as easy and pain-free as possible. You will appreciate how the staff sets you at ease and checks frequently to make sure you are comfortable. The staff are kind, considerate and engaging.

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"I have just returned from an appointment with Dr. Howard and my faith in the dental profession as a whole has been restored. I had to get a root canal done, and to my shock, it was a painless, relatively fast, and surprisingly pleasant experience"

- Annelyss M.